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Make ending domestic violence a priority

Every third woman in India has faced violence in their homes (NFHS-4). What does this mean? It means that the one place most dangerous for women in the world is their own homes.

What does this mean in light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic which requires that people stay inside their houses to avoid the virus?

It means that across the country, women and girls have found themselves trapped in abusive homes with no way of leaving. It means that in a situation where countries are directing all resources to combat the pandemic, the usual methods of reaching and helping domestic violence survivors are not there anymore.

And we are already seeing the impact of this: in the first months of the pandemic, the National Commission of Women reported that domestic violence reports doubled. And recent reports state that domestic violence reports may be at a 10-year high. (NCW, 2020)

Breakthrough has been working on domestic violence for over 20 years. Help us make homes safer for women today. #UniteAgainstDV


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How you can help

Every Rs. 1500 you donate will help us reach a village community to work with local authorities and reduce domestic violence.


To build awareness and bystander intervention.

Work with local administration to develop response systems for domestic violence survivors.

Advocate at state and national levels for state response in terms of adequate protection officers, police training, legal prioritisation and safe shelter homes.

Helping us spread awareness about domestic violence in families and communities.

Ensure survivors are able to access the resources they need.